De Omslag: Voorbereiden en uitwerken | Annemarie Kin

Mastercircle.ORG is een beveiligde, afgesloten omgeving. Deelnemers werken in groepen (mastercircles) aan verschillende projecten. Ben je deelnemer? Dan kan je inloggen en verder met jouw mastercircle(s).

Ben je geïnteresseerd in de methode Mastercirlce, lees dan de openbare informatie over deze revolutionaire methode op mastercircle.ORG.

De Omslag: Voorbereiden en uitwerken

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Annemarie Kin
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Annemarie Kin - Asset management advisor at Royal HaskoningDHV. From a broad business orientation I focus currently, strongly on asset management. I have experience with PAS55 / ISO55001 certification of various asset management activities. Through this experience I am well able to anchor process improvement and quality management in projects, in such a way they make a positive contribution to the final result. I'm versatile,persevering, enthusiastic and have empathic ability. Developing Asset Management Systems and the years of experience as quality manager and (lead) auditor in numerous organisations, has gathered knowledge and experience needed in current times. Let your assets - infrastructure, buildings and facilities - optimally render and contribute to your strategic objectives.