The Harvest: Change together

The Harvest: Questions

  1. In SUSPLACE we are interested in practices (carried out by citizen’s initiatives or practitioners) that can shape places towards more sustainable ones. What is the place-shaping practice that you research, implement or try to promote in your work?
  2. How do you understand/implement sustainability and place? You can use examples from your work.
  3. What other concepts or approaches do you apply in your work that are related to sustainable place-shaping? (e.g. sense of place, commons, landscape approach, participatory approaches)
  4. (for ESR’s only!) How do you study how practices shapes different aspects or dimensions of place (e.g. institutions, material world, inner dimensions, etc.)?
  5. At SUSPLACE, we have defined three practices of sustainable place-shaping that can be implemented (see below). Which one(s) do you use in your research/ implement in your work and how?
    1. Re-appreciation means practices aiming at promoting capacities of local actors in order to re-appreciate their places in a new way.
    2. Re-grounding refers to practices that aim at supporting the use of local resources so communities are more embedded in nature and their place.
    3. Re-positioning refers to practices that aim at creating linkages between local products/practices and new markets, technologies or institutions at other levels.
  6. How does your work/initiatives relate to the following two dimensions of sustainability? How do you engage with this components?
    1. Inner dimensions:
      individual motivations/intentions/emotions/thoughts/values/beliefs/identity of actors you work with OR wider beliefs/values/culture/framings/joint perceptions/worldviews,/paradigms/ethics of the places you intervene
    2. Outer dimensions: practices/behaviors of actors you work with OR physical attributes of the environment of the place you work in OR wider systems, structures where the place you work in is embedded (laws, norms, institutions)
  7. Politics and policy: What have you learned from your work that could inspire policy making?
  8. How do you consider your role as a researcher/practitioner in contributing to sustainable change? Have you encountered any ethical/moral problems? If yes, how have you dealt with them?
  9. (for ESR’s only!) Your wishes for research: How could academic research support your work in place shaping?
  10. Which other insights do you want to share?

The Harvest: Change together | Katriina Soini

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The Harvest: Change together

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